Saturday, 6 June 2009

Monkey swap from Silkie Sue is fantastic !

We spent a little while abroad, having a very nice time in Poland... after we came back I was very busy again, painting a little monkey for my monkey swap. Monkey Swap hosted by Claire
was secret, so the receiver of my monkey swap didn't know who her partner was... and I didn't know from whom I get my monkey....and I got my monkey swap yesterday!!!! My swap partner was my very good chum Sam
lalalala! I was so happy to see a lovely packed parcel with a very sweet note attached to it !
....and insite... there was a picture of the cutes monkey in the world !!!!
My sweet Silkie Sue THANK YOU!! THANK YOU so much!!!!!!
That Monkey is sooo cute, I love that picture so much, you are so talented girl!
That picture was framed in a very beautiful wooden frame, which looks great in our flat!
Thank you Sam, I am so lucky to have you, as my monkey swap partner :)
Please visit Sam's blog as she is very talented, and she'll open her blog shop soon.
I am so happy, and Miko loves that monkey too


gingerwine said...

You dear Ag are toooo kind xxx

Love to you and your husbandxxx

Miss Sam and THE SUEE!!


Claire said...

What a fnatastic monkey! Thanks for taking part in my swap! ♥

Brad said...

that is a cute monkey !