Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Freestyle swap from Bagladee is gorgeous

That parcel's been waiting for me since yesterday in the shop on the corner... so I was running after work hoping the shop's still open...and yeeees! After a while I was running upstairs carrying a quite big parcel.

That was my freestyle swap from Bagledee.
Oh how happy am I !! Everything was beautifully wrapped, with sweet little letter a on every item.

There was a GORGEOUS bag in my favorites colors full of surprises...
Oh Bagledee thank you so much! I love every single thing I've found in the bag, and the bag itself!

There were a truly lovely purse and the sweetest container ever. Everything handmade! Beautiful handmade black card with a lovely message on it, there were also little notes sticked to every item, so pretty!

I just couldn't believe how much effort has Begladee made...I found a very cute notebook in butterflies, I love it too and a really sweet badge: I LOVE BAGLEDEE, oh I really do!
What I've also found in the prettiest bag in the world was a pack of haribo...hmmm
THANK YOU,THANK YOU BEGLADEE. I LOOOOOVE your gift for me. I'am so chuffed! :)
Dear bloggers please look at all these beautiful details, everything handmade! I just can't believe how happy am I!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

little gift for Bagladee

Bagladee has got my freestyle swap finally, and she's said she loved it!
I've painted two cats for her, hoping that they're a bit simmilar to Nell and Oliver, and she's said they were!
I also thought she may be chuffed receiving a picture of bags... and... she's sent me such a lovely thanking email.
I am so happy, It is such a pleasure to make something, someone likes lalala. I love swaps.
I've joined another swap " monkey swap" organized by Claire
I am still waiting for Bagladee's parcel. I know it's on its way. I can't wait! she is so talented person :)

Sunday, 3 May 2009


I've been so busy making some things for the freestyle swap...
I had no time for blogging, but anyway, I thought it was worth to mention about our visit in Glastonbury during the last weekend. What a sweet town! The Tor hill is amazing and the view....surprising.
Since we've come to the UK I feel like being on a permanent holiday.
We discover new places, new things every day. Changing the place of your life is like being reborn, it's a very refreshing feeling.