Sunday, 3 May 2009


I've been so busy making some things for the freestyle swap...
I had no time for blogging, but anyway, I thought it was worth to mention about our visit in Glastonbury during the last weekend. What a sweet town! The Tor hill is amazing and the view....surprising.
Since we've come to the UK I feel like being on a permanent holiday.
We discover new places, new things every day. Changing the place of your life is like being reborn, it's a very refreshing feeling.


Bagladee said...

I've never been to glastonbury Ag, its sounds very lovely though. Ooooh does that mean that you have been busy making goodies for me :) I'm so excited about this freestyle swap....cant wait to post yours to you. Emma x

gingerwine said...

Ag !!

What an edgy photograph!!

Sam xxx