Sunday, 10 May 2009

little gift for Bagladee

Bagladee has got my freestyle swap finally, and she's said she loved it!
I've painted two cats for her, hoping that they're a bit simmilar to Nell and Oliver, and she's said they were!
I also thought she may be chuffed receiving a picture of bags... and... she's sent me such a lovely thanking email.
I am so happy, It is such a pleasure to make something, someone likes lalala. I love swaps.
I've joined another swap " monkey swap" organized by Claire
I am still waiting for Bagladee's parcel. I know it's on its way. I can't wait! she is so talented person :)


gingerwine said...

How talented are you Ms Ag?

Alot talented thats what!

Sam xxx

Bagladee said...

Yes I totally agree Sam!! I am soooo lucky **big grin** xx